Ralph & Family! Pet Photo Session – Carmel Beach, CA

When Brittany first emailed me about a photo session, she included a photo of their 4 month old Corgi puppy named Ralph. Ooooohemmgeeee, there was a lot of squealing involved after i downloaded the picture! I’m a big Corgi fan. I just could not wait for this photo session!

Corgi on Carmel Beach with family photo

Brittany and Brad were celebrating their first anniversary with a trip to Carmel. A wise choice, considering that Carmel is rated high on the list of dog-friendly cities!

Corgi puppy on beach in Carmel, Ca

This was only Ralph’s second time at the beach, and he wasn’t too sure about the water… but he loved the sand!

Carmel Beach vacation family photos

Carmel Beach family photographer, corgi puppy

How cute is the other side of his name tag!!

Cute photography of corgi puppy in Carmel, Ca

Corgi Beach party, Carmel, ca

Is that little face not the cutest thing ever? And those ears, and little legs!!

Sunset family photos at Carmel Beach with corgi puppy

Thank you Brittany and Brad for letting me photograph your cute little family! Hopefully you’ll come back soon and we can see how Ralph has grown!
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December 13, 2013

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