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Bohemian Romance – Fashion Photography Shoot

I collaborated with the most incredibly talented women on this shoot. This team was on fire! It had been awhile since I had photographed something that was my own vision, and I definitely encountered some bumps along my creative process. This group of images may have started in my mind, but they grew into more than I could have ever imagined all on my own. Enjoy.


As I came to the part in my workflow where I import the images into Photoshop for editing, I stopped myself. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these pictures! I did some color correcting and dodging and burning in Lightroom, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to use a clone or liquify tool on these images. Amanda is absolutely gorgeous just the way she is. And there are enough overly-retouched photos out there. Let’s keep it real. Girl power.

Huge Thank You to all of the ladies who worked on this shoot.

Model: Amanda Humphrey

Hair: Lili Cabrera @ Oya Salon

Makeup: Madison McDowell @ Oya Salon

Wardrobe: Dioni Solorio @ Karma Fashion Lounge

Head wreaths & Bouquet: Monica Gasperson @ Twigs Floral Design


And here’s a little selfie-timer action just to wrap it all up…2014-01-19_0014