Bohemian Romance – Fashion Photography Shoot

I collaborated with the most incredibly talented women on this shoot. This team was on fire! It had been awhile since I had photographed something that was my own vision, and I definitely encountered some bumps along my creative process. This group of images may have started in my mind, but they grew into more than I could have ever imagined all on my own. Enjoy.


As I came to the part in my workflow where I import the images into Photoshop for editing, I stopped myself. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with these pictures! I did some color correcting and dodging and burning in Lightroom, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to use a clone or liquify tool on these images. Amanda is absolutely gorgeous just the way she is. And there are enough overly-retouched photos out there. Let’s keep it real. Girl power.

Huge Thank You to all of the ladies who worked on this shoot.

Model: Amanda Humphrey

Hair: Lili Cabrera @ Oya Salon

Makeup: Madison McDowell @ Oya Salon

Wardrobe: Dioni Solorio @ Karma Fashion Lounge

Head wreaths & Bouquet: Monica Gasperson @ Twigs Floral Design


And here’s a little selfie-timer action just to wrap it all up…2014-01-19_0014

January 19, 2014

  1. Jolene says:

    Hi Rachel!
    Just sending a shout out your way…….WOW,
    Beautiful shots….and the lighting is PERFECT!! You’re right, your model is absoutely beautiful. Again, it takes someone with an eye to capture the right moment. Well done.
    P.s. I love the pics. of Park, Julia, n’ Trent


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